‘Divided’ was the chosen Alias for a body of musical work, which first appeared in June 2014 on a Various Artist’s compilation for the label Resin. Hardwax called the EP ‘Effective, diverse DJ tool Techno’

RSN002:  Various Artists

A four track EP was in the works around this time, and in October 2014 Resin released ‘Moment (historical)’. The title of the EP was in relation to a moment, a medieval unit of time equivalent to 1/40th of a solar hour, equivalent to around 90 seconds. This 90 second block was how each of the track’s structures were conceived. Boomkat called it a ‘fine balance of atmospheric space and gritty heft’

After the release of Moment (Historical), I was in contact with Acre and the Manchester label and club night ‘Project 13’. After sending over new tracks I was making at the time, plus re-editing some older works, in February 2015 we released my EP titled ‘Uildi’, which was reviewed in Resident Adviser.

P13002 :  Uildi

P13002 : Uildi

My most recent EP as ‘Divided’ was released in May 2016 on project 13. The inspiration for the 2-tracker came from a particular combination of violin synth and grain delay effect, which I had been using in all the songs i was writing at the time. The EP received 8.5/10 and a published review in Mixmag, who called it ‘a hybrid of funky, grime and dancehall’, and a review in Resident Adviser.

black swallower.jpg
P13004 :  Black Swallower

Gigs & Zallogut

Releasing on both Resin and Project 13 under divided has allowed me to perform all over the country and in Europe. Some of the gig posters for these shows can be seen below.


In the summer of 2015 I helped Joe Higgins, A.K.A Metrist/L.SAE start a club night in Brighton’s then new nightclub Patterns. The idea behind the night was to bring an innovative, popular and well-respected headliner, such as Objekt or Helena Hauff, and put them alongside lesser known but still innovative backing artists. Although techno was a genre which ran through all the artists that played, we tried to create an environment where the artists could reach deeper into their collections, and strive to play music which would challenge the listener as well as have the ‘functionality’ of keeping everyone moving.

zallogut1 (1).jpg